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In the light of the corona pandemic making unprecedented changes in our lives, what lessons can be learned? In the area of content creation, we can (re)learn the use of empathy....

The importance of why in marketing communications has long been talked about - for example by Simon Sinek and his 'Start With Why' movement. Sinek is right, of course, to say this. Concentrating on the 'why' of a communication is a direct route to engagement - it feeds into the way our brain works. But the temptation is to use 'why' as a hook and then deliver only what, how, who etc afterwards.

But what if 'why' is used throughout the communications funnel? At different points of the funnel people need different pieces of information and different prompts to take them to the next stage.

Content is not only 'King' these days, but is increasing at a staggering rate. But is it all giving the right message? How do a brand's marketing, sales and other communication 'pieces' complement each other? Or do they contradict each other?.

Most large brands go to a lot of time and effort to get to the right messaging to properly tell their story. This involves a lot of soul-searching, creativity, rewriting, brainstorming and approvals. But when the final approval is given and the brand guys breathe a sigh of relief... then what?