Case Studies

The springboard to better brand copy

A TomTom Case Study

Navigation giant TomTom was experiencing difficulties with getting its brand messages across through all communications. There was a robust brand in place, but some of the communications in the marketing mix were misaligned and sometimes lower in quality.

Enter the Copy Control Report - an 'audit' of all the marketing and technical copy to figure out where the copy was coming from. I looked at who was briefing it, who was writing it and who was responsible for it. The various communication owners also indicated if they were happy with the copy.

Once all the results were in, they told a very interesting - and chaotic - story. There was a direct correlation between the processes and the results. The more complicated processes (with more people involved) generally led to a 'poorer' quality of communication. The areas that had clear processes and tools in place had a much better level of copy, much closer to the Brand Guidelines. It also became clear that in some areas copy was written locally, and at the last minute because of short deadlines. Sometimes the approval processes were convoluted and actually adding to the deterioration of the copy.

The report provided a springboard from which change could be implemented. It opened the eyes of various stakeholders and put into writing the situation as it stood. This meant that the team could make process changes and develop and clarify tools to really deliver communications that the brand, and its customers, deserved. Once these changes were implemented, they brought a general raise of copy quality across the board. Also, because copy could be repurposed, consistency went up, itself having a positive impact on translation for other TomTom markets. All of these benefits were underpinned by a resultant drop in writing and translation costs.

And we also managed to save quite a lot of people a considerable amount of time, and headaches, in the process!

Do you have a messaging structure that leads to misaligned communications? Are you confident that your brand message is getting through your marketing mix? Why not contact me to see if I can help you?